Web builders and why a company needs a website

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Why a company should have a website

Every great company has its customers in mind. Consequently two thirds of all consumers expect brands they associate with to have a website. Many customers search for information online before deciding on making a purchase. 

For this reason a company which has showcased its products/services well online stands a chance. On the other hand companies without a website miss out.

It doesn’t matter what a company deals in. As Tim W Knox put it “If you can imagine it, someone will figure out how to sell it online”.  A website implies that their exists no geographical limits on market reach. Moreover it saves on money meant for print advertising like brochures. This is because it offers a company chance to tell its story as it desires without limits on space and time.     Also testimonials on a website win more clients. Lastly website metrics help understand customer behavior and build mailing list which improves on direct-feedback.


What is a website builder

Web builders are tools that enable people to create websites without coding. There are two main types:

  • Online Web builders – This are provided on-line by various web hosting companies .e.g wix. They require users to own a domain/sub-domain and hosting space.

website builderwebsite builder

  • Offline Web Builders –  This are software programs that can be used to create a website off-line then upload it online at will. Web builders provide easy, low cost and convenient way to develop good quality websites fast without special skills. They work based on a drag and drop editor. Thus users only locate elements where they desire. Many of them provide templates across varied fields like blog, magazine etc . Therefore users only replace the existing sample content with their own or customize further. A good website builder can deliver responsive websites on different devices and offers an option to integrate tools like a shopping cart, live-chat etc.

Relevancy of a website builder to a company

No programming skills or talent required

Website builders are designed for people with little or no technical skills. They use drag and drop  technology and a user friendly interface. Thus are easy to use for everyone irrespective of their lack of interest in programming. In addition, website builders builders offer plenty of free and premium website templates. As a result you only need to choose one template that you like and replace its content with your business information. For example in the footer section you can change the address and contact details to your business address and in the body section replace the lorem ipsum… with your own content.

Easy editing of a website Content

Website builders are designed to support many changes as possible in a website using shortest time possible. This makes it easy to add new features in a flash of a second either as widgets, plugins or actual editing of content. After making changes you can save the changes as draft if not satisfied. Changes saved as draft won’t be live in your website but you’ll still have access to the draft copy for further editing. Once satisfied with the  changes you can click a publish button to make them visible in your website.

Plenty of business tools/inventory at your disposal

Website builders support all tools you require on your website to do business. This include online payment system, shopping cart, coupons, accounting software etc the list is endless. All this tools are provided either by the website builder company or third party companies in form of plugins which you can integrate with your website. Thus you can set up your online store and get going without stressing about hiring developers for inventory apps. Also important to note is that this inventory comes in packages ranging from free to premium. This packages are distinguished by the number of features you have access to. In most cases the free package comes with all basic features you require then the premium adds advanced options on the features.

Saves on budget

Using website builders reduces the hefty fee a company would have spend on website developers since anyone can build a website. Furthermore website-builder-designed websites support most popular inventory applications. This saves you the money that would have been spend on inventory. Many website builder companies offer free sub-domains and hosting plan. A good example is wix.

Quick guide to create a website for free using wix website builder

Go to wix here and try out creating your website for free.


Clearly every company needs a website if it is to compete with other companies in its line of production. For this reason website builders are important tools to help build websites easy and fast with a low budget. Thus companies can utilize website builders and get quality websites without any hassles whatsoever.

Parting shot

I hope you found this article informative. I value you my esteemed reader and your feedback is important to me. Don’t hesitate to use the comment box like my Facebook page ericworg and join my telegram channel webmasters001. Lets get interactive and see where this goes. Thanks for reading and feel free to contact for any help, consultation or business.

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