Get free WhoisGuard for life


WhoisGuard protects domain owners’ sensitive data. When you register a domain, your contact information gets added to the ‘Whois’ database which lists owners details of every domain name online. It can be searched by anyone online. WhoisGuard is a paid service but I’ll show you how to get it free WhoisGuard for life.

What does WhoisGuard do?

WhoisGuard shields this personal data from the world, displaying only generic WhoisGuard contact information instead of yours. Its the best global domain privacy option you’ll find anywhere.

Why get free WhoisGuard?

WhoisGuard can be paid for just the same way you pay for a domain name or SSL certificate. However, you can get free WhoisGuard  for life. Yeah,for life your domain registration details won’t be available to anyone who wishes to access them. The real deal here is having your domain details private and not having to worry about WhoisGuard renewal fee every year.

How to get free WhoisGuard

If you own a domain you can simply move it to Namecheap or if you’d rather buy a new domain from Namecheap you can do so from as little as $0.48. Also you may want to see Namecheap’s cheap hosting plans from as little as $10/year. If you already own a domain with Namecheap then get free WhoisGuard here. Namecheap values your privacy, so does ericworg and you should too.

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