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Sony Xperia  XZ premium has stunned smartphone universe with a 960 fps slow motion camera option. For a starter, take a look at this in play below. Awesome right? That’s built on Sony’s solid experience and many years of dedication to cameras. All narrowed down to a smartphone for your convenience. On that high note lets dive into details of the Sony Xperia XZ premium.

Sony Xperia XZ Design

Its rectangular in shape,with a flat top/bottom and can stand on either. Its also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about water spilling on your phone. Its body is highly reflective which picks up fingerprints in a few minutes. Has a camera button on its right side which is fully dedicated to camera. Has a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The power button is on the right side. Also has a dual sim slot and SD card slot. Has front facing stereo speaker.


Sony Xperia XZ premium has 19 MP camera. Has a small camera button on its right side as mentioned earlier. This button works even when the screen is locked. Has many camera options in settings. One that is important to note is Predictive capture.

Xperia XZ Predictive capture

This captures many photos based on its prediction before finally taking the photo. It allows you to save all captures or choose the ones to keep.

4K Video

Another amazing thing is the 4K video camera option. This allows you to record 4K videos. At the moment there are only few 4K videos on this planet.

slow motion video camera

This allows you to record videos at different speeds and is available in two options. 120 fps and 960 fps slow motion video recording options. 960 fps? That’s so insane.However it depends on the accuracy of your timing not to miss the action you want to capture.


Sony Xperia XZ premium has 4 GB RAM.Its performance is incredible, you don’t have to worry about it. Its been tested and even beats Samsung Galaxy S8 on various aspects.

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Fingerprint Scanner

The power button doubles up as the fingerprint scanner. Due to this reason you only have to press the power button and it unlocks automatically after verifying your fingerprint. This saves you the hassle of pressing the power button then unlocking the phone later. Important to note: This feature is not available in United States of America. However, the fingerprint scanner is available in Sony Xperia xz 2 outside US.


Has a 3230 mA battery.The battery life with screen on is about 4 hours.

Sony Xperia XZ Display

Has a 5.5 Inch ,4K and 3840 x 2160 display, adjustable in display settings. Because of 4K display you can watch 4K videos in 4K.Its camera can also capture 4K videos.


This can be changed in settings.With three options available.

  • Professional mode
  • Standard mode
  • Super-vivid mode.


Sony Xperia xz 2 premium comes with a 64 GB free memory. This can be extended by an SD card.


This is a great phone with an awesome camera and assured performance. If you love making videos with your smartphone give it a try,you may never go back. Apart from picking up fingerprints on its highly reflective body its hard to find faults in Xperia xz 2 premium. I would recommend Xperia xz 2 premium , its worth your money. If you liked this read give it a like,comment and subscribe to get updates on new posts like this.


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