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The world of smartphones is moving pretty fast with Samsung having launched their latest smartphone Samsung S9. This has brought to life again the question of android vs iPhone?Which is worth your money.I would love to answer this question straight away but I would appear rational.As a result, I will drive you through the whole process I used to weigh Android vs iPhone to arrive my conclusion.


  • iPhone apps can’t be removed and thus the choice on what app to use is non-existent. eg In iPhone you cannot use google chrome instead they offer safari an inferior browser.Again you can only use i tunes to transfer music from iPhone to a Computer and its only one way and the list is endless.
  • iPhone app store has fewer apps than play store.The number of available apps in the Google Play Store was most recently placed at 3.5 million apps in December 2017.Over 92% of this apps are free.
  • In iPhone you can’t download apps outside App Store.They limit you, unlike Android where you can even create your own apks and install or uninstall at your will.


In iPhone this means you can only listen to music while browsing the web.In android you can have many apps open at once. eg You can open the email app while having  Snapchat open and many other apps open too.iPhone can only perform one thing at once while android can have many jobs running simultaneously.


Android supports removable storage thus has an expandable storage.In iPhone you are limited to the memory available when you buy it.You can’t remove apps or extend the memory via removable memory devices like SD card.

Dual Sim

iPhone doesn’t support dual sim.Android supports dual sim which means you can have two sim cards in one android phone all working.

Wireless charging

iPhone has only recently added wireless charging to catch up with android which introduced it in 2013.This means in older versions of iPhone you can’t charge via wireless charger.Again to get the iPhone wireless charger is a headache which means you’ll have to rely on third party.

Device Selection

With Android there are many devices to choose from .eg Samsung,Nokia,Sony,Oppo,Huawei etc.With iPhone there are only a few devices and all are from the same company .eg iPhone x,iPhone 7 and so on.Thus android users have a wide range to choose from depending on their taste,financial status.


I would love to say iPhone is winning here but sadly Android is just off this world here too.With Samsung s9 having a two super cameras,one  with an adjustable shutter.

Headphone Jack

Android supports your favorite wired earphones.With iPhone X you won’t just simply slot them straight in. That’s because iPhone X doesn’t have earphone jack.This change was introduced in iPhone 7 .So every iPhone device released ever since doesn’t have an earphone jack.To use earphones with iPhone you’ll need to get a dongle or Apples’s lightning headphones.


The iPhone X has a collection of sensors and optics for its face id system. They sit on a bump on the top of the display.This creates problems compromising viewing capability of the screen.In contrast to most android phones like Samsung Galaxy Note 8 which houses the camera in a strip across the top of the display.Many Android phones have had higher screen to body ratio for years now.Apple only joined the club with iPhone X.Coincidentally Samsung actually makes the displays that Apple is using on the iPhone X.

Emulator Apps and File Transfer

With iPhone you cant use emulator apps and file transfer is highly restricted.This requires you to jailbreak the iPhone Operating system to enable.In Android you can use emulator apps and transfer files easily.


With this lets use the two top iPhone and Android devices respectively to compare the price. The iPhone X starts at $999 for 64GB of storage. That price rises to $1,149 for those with deeper pockets who want 256GB of storage.On the other hand Samsung S9 starts at $720 Unlocked.With 64gb and 256gb storage options are available for s9+.The price difference between the two storage options is $160. Here I’ll let you be the judge depending on your financial status.


Android has the best smartphones than iPhone.

iPhone is 5 years ahead of Android -Steve Jobs, -2007 .

Smartphone world has evolved ever since and now.

Android is 5 years ahead of iPhone-Eric founder .

It is in the public domain that iPhone is now trying to keep up with Androids pace.With iPhone X relying on Samsung’s display and adopting wireless charger 5 years after Android introduced it.iPhone is no longer setting trends and Android is reigning supreme in all dimensions: class,quality and pricing.

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