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Google will be marking all sites without an SSL certificate as insecure starting June 2018.First things first, here is how to know if your website has a valid SSL certificate .Simply type your domain name in the your browser search box and press enter. Check at the top of your screen the,  URL e.g. . The (s) in https stands for secure and means your website has a valid SSL certificate. If your website URL has https:// instead of http:// you are safe .You can read on at your own will and see alternatives to your current SSL certificate provider. If your URL has http:// then this is a must read post.How to add a FREE SSL CERTIFICATE to your website.

This means all visitors using google to access your website will get a warning that your website is not secure and will be prompted to choose whether to proceed or not. This automatically takes away visitor’s trust in your website and its content. It’s even worse if you have payment buttons such as PayPal, VISA, and MASTER-CARD etc. That can only mean bad for you, but it’s easy to install an SSL certificate and comply with google requirements. Here is how to.

If you’re in the dark, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It’s a security protocol for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a web browser in an online communication. This may sound so complex but it’s very simple to get and install an SSL certificate to your website.


  1. An SSL certificate

Namecheap is one of the best SSL certificate providers that comply with Google requirements. They offer all types of SSL certificates at the cheapest prices in the market.e.g Domain Validation ,Organisation Validation  ,and Extended Validation SSL. If you click on their banners from this site you’ll get discounts when you make purchase.

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If you require something short term that expires in six months’ time .Here is how you can get and install a Free  certificate which expires after six months. How to add a FREE SSL CERTIFICATE to your website.


This only involves copy pasting the certificate and Key to corresponding text areas in your c Panel SSL details form and then submitting it .

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Namecheap will provide you with the necessary assistance to install the certificates they offer. In case of any challenges during installation you can also contact me through my Facebook page Ericworg  . Many SSL providers will provide you with the necessary assistance or even do it for you.

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