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Upwork is the world’s largest online workplace where savvy businesses and professional freelancers go to work! Upwork maintains complex profile approval measures to avoid over flooding of freelancers in a field.

This reduces number of bids per job, which in turn raises odds of getting hired for approved freelancers. Upwork cuts 20% of freelancer’s earnings until one has made a total of over 500 US dollars through upwork. They only charge 10% of your earnings when you pass the 500 US dollars mark.
Upwork payment methods are

  • Direct to Local Bank.
  • ACH Direct Deposit.
  • Wire Transfer.
  • PayPal.
  • Payoneer.
  • M-Pesa.

Upwork classifies jobs in to two categories: Verified and unverified. Verified means the client has verified billing method while unverified means the client has unverified billing method. Upwork links freelancers with clients in many fields, among them:


Writing is the most popular field there. It entails Creative writing, ghost writing, article/blog writing, copy-writing and copy editing, academic writing etc. If you are an expert in any of those, you will definitely make a living out of upwork. The world is demanding writers more than ever. See this Top freelancing skills on demand in 2018.

Programming/Software Development

Programmers and developers also have a niche in upwork. Actually it is this guys who earn the most for a single project. This is from the nature of their work and limited number of experts in the field. If you can develop apps, software, games or you are an expert in any technical field, there is a lot of cash to be made in freelance sites.


Graphic, UI & UX, Web Design

Design has curved a market niche everywhere, to begin with. Graphic design has taken the lead. However, upwork offers jobs for all areas of design. You only need to up your game and comply with their terms. It’s time you monetize your hobby. Many designers do it for passion while their counterparts are overloaded with work in freelancing sites.

Data jobs

Upwork offers opportunity for data specialists. Starting with basic skills like data entry jobs to advanced jobs for statisticians. However, data entry is competitive with almost everyone having the ability to do it. This attracts poor payment. Try gaining some skills. There are tons of free resources across the internet. This will solidify your ground when bidding, attract referrals from satisfied clients. It also raises your rating from satisfied clients’ reviews. Advanced data scientists are also in demand in upwork. If you have strong command of R, python or data manipulation software there is a lot of work for you. Great analytical skills are an added advantage.


If you’ve a CPA it’s easy to earn extra income or live off freelancing. Startups are turning to freelancers for book-keeping. This helps them curb high monthly wage bill. Even established companies are in dire need of auditors. To uphold transparency, large companies are avoiding regular auditing firms. All these work in favor of freelance accountants. Join if you haven’t.
There are more fields in upwork. If you know other fields in demand feel free to mention them in the comment box. Thanks for reading the whole post, like or give feedback in the comment section I’ll appreciate. Subscribe to get notified of my posts via email.

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