WordPress.com Hosting Service Review of WordPress



After a long break since my last visit to Namecheap I’m back on my web hosting trip.Incase you missed my review about Namecheap find it here.Today I’m making a stop at WordPress.com .To start with, WordPress for the newbies apart from offering free blogs and CMS(Content Management System)  also have their own hosting platform. To break it down to points of interest we start with;


They offer one of the most secure shared hosting platform of all time.They don’t allow scripting languages in shared hosting .This is to prevent malicious injections that may compromise their  security thus affecting millions of blogs running in their servers.This however can be detrimental to those interested in using google analytics or ad sense under WordPress basic and premium   plan but this feature is available in WordPress business plan and above.


They have many themes available for free and even premium themes and to add to this there are tons of WordPress developers in case you need a custom theme designed from scratch or even to modify an existing theme like me. WordPress themes are pretty easy to install and customize for everyone even those with no background web development.


WordPress offers free sub-domains with a .wordpress.com extension and a free hosting plan with plenty of free themes for everyone interested.It has other plans which include basic,premium and business with different features for each according to different interest groups needs. However the paid for,  plans are a bit expensive compared to installing WordPress in a third party hosting like Namecheap. In this you have no restrictions whatsoever in adding scripting languages and plugins like it is the case in WordPress basic plan which goes for about $48 US dollars and doesn’t support ad sense or any modifications even in posts using php, JavaScript or any other scripting language which is definitely what people interested in monetizing their sites with ads  want.


WordPress support is good enough for everyone despite the plan they purchase. Their response time is less than one hour and the team is professional and willing to help in any difficulties encountered 24/7(even technical challenges).

5. Flexibility

WordPress hosted blogs can be migrated through the jetpack plugin to another WordPress blog not necessarily hosted by WordPress.This includes subscribers,posts,drafts and comments .WordPress domains can also be pointed to other sites hosted by other hosting  service providers. WordPress like other A class hosting service providers has cashback feature for domains and hosting .For domains this feature is available before expiry of the first 48 hours after you purchase the domain and for hosting it expires after thirty days after purchase of a hosting plan.
WooCommerce   6.WooCommerce

WordPress has WooCommerce for creating an online e-commerce website with plenty of features. This makes it easy for anyone to start an online store with a professional site which is secure and has plenty of resources.


For bloggers it doesn’t get any better than WordPress but the costs are not pocket friendly when it comes to hosting with WordPress. This can be fixed by  considering a third party hosting service provider like Namecheap at 8.98 US dollars and buy a domain their or if you have an existing domain at WordPress you point it to Namecheap’s servers rather than host at WordPress for $26 dollars and get the domain for $22 US dollars which is hefty and doesn’t support adding plugins and ads using scripting language. Its also possible to import your subscribers,posts,and comments from your WordPress blog hosted at WordPress to your new WordPress blog hosted in Namecheap .I can help you achieve this at low cost. If interested contact me at  erickioko995@gmail.com and have that blog up soon. The journey to various hosting service providers continues .If you got any question leave it in the comment section I will answer ,the like button is always attractive and remember to subscribe not to miss any part of this reviews about various hosting service providers I’ve tried and many useful information I be posting in the future. Thanks for reading it all.

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