Secure your website with a FREE SSL CERTIFICATE and protect your visitors from “This site is not secure”.


Secure your website with a FREE SSL CERTIFICATE and protect your visitors from “This site is not secure”.

Requirements :

A computer

internet connection

(no payment involved)


We are going to add an SSL certificate for free from letsencrypt  a non-profit organization interested in making internet private and secure for everyone.There are many ways of incorporating letsencrypt free SSL depending on the operating system one runs, but for the benefit of everyone irrespective of their OS I’m gonna be taking you through the web version of installing the free SSL certificate.

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We’ll use zerossl site which happens to be non-profit too.

1.Open this link for zerossl in new tab .


3.Under Details select        

     a. Http verification

     b. Accept ZeroSSL TOS

     c. Accept Let’s Encrypt SA(pdf)

Fill the domain input area with the domain-name of the site you want to get an SSL certificate for and if you have an email from your host(not your normal or email)  you also want to add an SSL certificate  for,  fill the email input area and if not just leave it empty then click NEXT button.Wait for few seconds while it generates the certificate depending on strength of your internet connection.

Generating CSR

Copy the certificate which begins from


and ends at


(include the phrases above)

or simply download the certificate(if you download the certificate then make sure you download the key too.) then skip step 4,6 &6 to step 7.

4.If you copied the certificate then go to your websites control panel and under security choose to add SSL (this may vary depending on different web hosts) then paste the copied certificate in the certificate section.

5.If the key isn’t visible in the text box beside the certificate text box in zerossl click NEXT button again. and wait while it generates the key then copy the key which starts from


and ends at


(include the phrases above)


6.Go to your websites control panel and paste it at the key area.(most times it is located under the certificate section, then skip step 7& 8 to step 9)

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7.If you downloaded the certificate only, download the key too (if the key text box is empty click NEXT button and wait for it to be generated, then download it.)

8.Log in to your  website’s control panel and go to the add SSL section, upload the certificate to the certificate field and the key to the key field.If you have any trouble uploading them then copy them as described in step 4 ,5&6 .If you uploaded them respectively you are almost done.

9.Click the NEXT button to go to the verification in zerossl and download the text files named with hashed names. .eg nx4RK70Sta4Om3qkAoGip94N10jpskDi_r5zAhkFfGM  click the download button below each then proceed with the verification process as is described in on the top of the verification page in zerossl.

FREE SSL Certificate Wizard

To verify domain ownership using HTTP verification, you will need to create appropriate files with specific text strings under your “webroot/.well-known/acme-challenge/” directory, where “webroot” is the main directory with your website pages. Please make sure that the files you have created are actually accessible (by clicking the links below in the File column) and have proper content before clicking “Next”

10. Its worth noting  that you simply need to go your www folder or htdocs or their significant other folder (the folder with the index.html file) in your control panel, create a folder and name it webroot then open it and create another folder inside webroot  and name it .well-known (don’t forget the “.” is part of the name). Then inside the  .well-known folder create another folder and name it acme-challenge Now upload the files you downloaded to the acme-challenge folder. (please note the this files are hash named with names like nx4RK70Sta4Om3qkAoGip94N10jpskDi_r5zAhkFfGM.txt   and not the certificate and key files)

To verify you own the domain click the link below the text files.It looks something like this

Text: YoKB39XEJGJQkUPxz-QWVK7QUEq6o3dWq-Ro6itrIYg.Bv6eQfYkVqZ_D0UwrppVCEUfSHDCSHq5y7L0VlKNGrI

with the name of the file next to  Text: Click on the name.

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11.If the links open successfully click the NEXT button and you will see a success text telling you you earned yourself a free SSL certificate from letscrypt.

12.Go to your control panel and click on submit button to add the SSl certificate and key you copied or uploaded . Congratulations you added an SSL certificate.


The certificate expires after 6 months and therefore before its expiry you can get yourself another free certificate from zerossl. For an SSL certificate which doesn’t expire in six months buy one here at affordable price.

In most cases, you do not need to supply the CA bundle because the server will fetch it from a public repository during installation.

If you are interested in a paid SSL CERTIFICATE at affordable price then you can get yourself a paid certificate which doesn’t expire after six months and is widely accepted by different hosts here.

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