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Namecheap web hosting
Hi, welcome to eric web organization (ericworg). Today I’ll review Namecheap Web hosting. Incase you missed, I reviewed  awardspace web hosting a day ago. Its worth noting that I only  do reviews of companies that I’ve tried their services. Based on that you can take my word for it. For clarity, Namecheap is a web hosting company based in the United States of America. Namecheap’s servers are also located in the United States. For convenience, I’ve broken down points of interest into headings. Feel free to skip to any point of interest.

Namecheap’s web hosting cPanel Dashboard

Namecheap web hosting provides cPanel dashboard for its clients. cPanel is one of the most popular web admins dashboard application. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any sophisticated skills. Most noteworthy cPanel is very secure and user friendly with the option to change themes to suit your taste. Because of cPanel’s popularity, many free resources are available online making it easy to get accustomed to cPanel. cPanel ships with all its database and domain management tools. Besides there is a dedicated Namecheap web hosting live chat support team on standby to help solve any problem you may encounter.

Web Security of Namecheap Hosted Websites

Namecheap web hosting

Namecheap web hosting  offers free SSL certificate for the first year of hosting. In addition a free privacy protection for life courtesy of WhoisGuard. For this reason your domain registration details will be private thus not available to public in the Whois database. In this regard here is a guide on how to get WhoisGuard domain privacy protection free for life. In regard to SSL certificate, starting July 2018 Google has required all sites to comply with SSL requirements. On failure to comply Google will mark all websites without SSL certifcate as insecure. A bonus, if you are not ready to host with Namecheap to get their free SSL certificate, I also wrote a guide to help you get a free zero ssl certifcate here.

Namecheap Web Hosting Domain Management

Namecheap web hosting basic  plan supports one domain and up to 50 subdomains. Because of cPanel Namecheap has great domain management options:

  • A subdomain manager option . This enables one to create sub domains.
  • Addon domains, domain aliases, domain redirects. This are self-explanatory.

Email Hosting with Namecheap

Namecheap gives everyone two months private email trial period. Afterwards three days to expiry of the trial period they sent you an email reminding you to upgrade to keep the private email. Failure to upgrade before expiry your private email becomes inactive. Part of the email tools Namecheap private email provides are:

  • email client set up
  • email forwarders
  • autoresponders
  • professional spam filters
  • address importer , track delivery.

Moreover a mailing list is a measure of a websites impact/conversion and a very important tool in online marketing for a business. As a result you may want to take advantage of Namecheap’s two months free trial. Try it and see how it impacts your business.

Web-based Email Hosting with Namecheap

Namecheap’s Web Hosting Website builders

Web builders are tools that enable construction of websites without coding. Find more about website builders here. Namecheap provides softaculous installer which enables you install a content management system like wordpress, joomla, drupal etc. This works pretty well although I have only tried it for wordpress.

Namecheap’s support team response rate

Namecheap’s live chat support team has a response rate of about 2 minutes from my experience. In contrast their email support takes about 6-10 minutes to respond on business days. Fortunately effectiveness of their support team is almost at perfection. They solved all my queries at all instances.

Namecheap web hosting pricing and uptime

Namecheap provides 100% uptime guarantee and has many packages from as low as $0.48 for a domain and $9.88/year for hosting. Also to ensure customer satisfaction Namecheap has two weeks money back guarantee for web hosting. Feel free to try it here.

Namecheap web hosting Packages

Shared Hosting

From as low as $9.88/year

Shared web hosting for home and business. Namecheap web hosting platform offers a 100% up-time guarantee. The updated version of cPanel is now live!  Because SSL certificates are now mandatory, we are giving our hosting customers free SSL certificates for one year.

Reseller Hosting

From as low as $14.06/month

Launch your own hosting business or host multiple sites with our cPanel/WHM-powered reseller hosting.

Dedicated Servers

From as low as $58.88/month

Powerhouse dedicated servers with a range of hardware and software options.

Email Hosting

From as low as $9.88/year

Keep your email data private with email hosting on Namecheap’s secure Open-Xchange email cloud.

Managed WordPress Hosting

EasyWP from $8.88 per year

Build your next website in a snap. With EasyWP, install WordPress in seconds. Our managed WordPress platform provides state-of-the-art tools to build and maintain your website.


Namecheap offers relatively affordable packages to suit all levels of customers. They have a secure web hosting platform with 100% uptime guarantee. Consequently they care about privacy/security and have done enough to ensure privacy and safety. Namecheap has a well informed support team with problem solving effectiveness.  Generally Namecheap has focused on customer satisfaction by giving out free trials and money back guarantee on most packages. Would I recommend it to a friend? Absolutely yes I would recommend it to a friend. Visit their site  Namecheap


I always take my time to try out various web services and review them to help you my esteemed reader make an informed decision. In return I don’t ask for much, I only need your comments, likes and questions to keep me going. Additionally if you decide to try any of the services I’ve reviewed kindly use any link I provide. As a result I get a commision. To receive future posts via email subscribe or join my telegram channel Web Masters002 Find my page in facebook Ericworg. Try Namecheapunder the money back guarantee and share your feedback too. In case you missed my review about awardspace you can find it here. Thanks, if you read till here you are an awesome person.


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