How to get namecheap hosting free trial and what it entails

Namecheap hosting free trial

Namecheap hosting free trialWelcome to eric web organization (ericworg). If you are looking for a way to get namecheap hosting free trial then you are in the right place . It is a good practice to try out a service before deciding whether to buy or not . That way you know what you are paying for and what to expect. With web hosting it’s no different, free trial is important to gauge whether hosting companies provide what they promise.

With Namecheap Web hosting , a free trial is available but many people still don’t know how to get it . This post will help you know not only how , but also what the namecheap hosting free trial package will offer. This post is in sections in paragraph form, each listed paragraph represents a feature of the free trial namecheap offers. After the paragraphs, is the big revelation of the secret to get a free trial with namecheap hosting. Feel free to skip to any point of interest.

1. Namecheap cPanel 

Namecheap web hosting provides cPanel control panel for its clients. cPanel is an online Linux-based web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a website. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any sophisticated skills. Most noteworthy cPanel is very secure and user friendly with the option to change themes to suit your taste. Because of cPanel’s popularity, many free resources are available online making it easy to get accustomed to cPanel. cPanel ships with all its database and domain management tools. Besides there is a dedicated Namecheap web hosting live chat support team on standby to help solve any problem you may encounter.

2. Namecheap Hosting free ssl and plusWhoisGuard

Namecheap hosting free trial - Namecheap hosting free ssl
Namecheap  offers free SSL certificate for the first year of hosting. In this regard, Google started marking all websites without a valid SSL certifcate as insecure  starting July 2018. This not only affects users loyalty but also SEO ranking for your website. The good thing is Namecheap offers you a free ssl certificate valid for one year and sets its up for you if you allow . Namecheap ssl is valid and accepted by Google. Also in connection with free ssl certificate, you can get a free ssl from letscrypt and install it easily using zerossl here is a guide. In addition , Namecheap makes sure your hosting details are private for free courtesy of WhoisGuard . As a result  your domain registration details won’t be available to public in the Whois database.

3. One domain and up to 50 sub domains

Namecheap web hosting basic  plan supports one domain and up to 50 sub domains. Because of cPanel Namecheap has great domain management options for instance:

  • A sub domain manager option . This enables one to create sub domains.
  • Addon domains, domain aliases, domain redirects. This are self-explanatory.

4. Namecheap Private Email

Namecheap gives everyone two months private email trial period. Towards expiry of the trial period(mostly three days prior to) Namecheap free email sends you an email reminding you to upgrade to keep the private email hosting. Failure to upgrade before expiry your private email becomes inactive. Part of the namecheap private email tools are:

  • Namecheap private email set up
  • email forwarders
  • autoresponders
  • professional spam filters
  • address importer , track delivery.

As you are aware an mailing list is a very important tool in online marketing for a business with insane rate of conversions if well utilised. With this in mind you may want to take advantage of Namecheap private email two months free trial. Try it and see how it impacts your business.

Web-based Email Hosting with Namecheap (Namecheap hosting free trial)

5. Namecheap WordPress Hosting (easywp namecheap)

EasyWP is a Namecheap WordPress hosting dedicated package . Build your next website in a snap. With EasyWP, install WordPress in seconds. This Namecheap WordPress platform provides state-of-the-art tools to build and maintain your website. Apart from the easywp package Namecheap provides softaculous installer under all other packages which enables users install content management systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. This works pretty well although.

6. Namecheap hosting free trial support

Namecheap live chat support team has a response rate of about 2 minutes from my experience. In contrast their email support takes about 6-10 minutes to respond on business days. Fortunately effectiveness of their support team is almost at perfection. They solved all my queries at all instances. This means that you can rely on them in case of any issues with your Namecheap hosted website.

7. 99% up-time

Namecheap provides 99% up-time guarantee and has many packages from as low as $0.48 for a domain and $9.88/year for hosting.

How to get Namecheap Hosting Free Trial

The procedure to get Namecheap hosting free trial is short and proven to work. It may not be what you imagined but works just fine. Namecheap provides 30 days money back guarantee for all new shared, re-seller and VPS hosting purchases. Thus a quick hack to get Namecheap hosting free trial is to  purchase at least one those packages, try them out and opt out before the 30 days money back guarantee period expires. Feel free to try it here or choose one their services below and follow the procedure. NOTE: The 30 day money back  guarantee is available only for new shared, re-seller and VPS hosting purchases. Also important to note , Namecheap is reliable and does refund the money if they receive a cancellation request within the 30 day trial period.

Namecheap web hosting Packages

Shared Hosting

From as low as $9.88/year

Shared web hosting for home and business. Namecheap web hosting platform offers a 100% up-time guarantee. The updated version of cPanel is now live!  Because SSL certificates are now mandatory, we are giving our hosting customers free SSL certificates for one year.

Reseller Hosting

From as low as $14.06/month

Launch your own hosting business or host multiple sites with our cPanel/WHM-powered reseller hosting.

Dedicated Servers

From as low as $58.88/month

Powerhouse dedicated servers with a range of hardware and software options.

Email Hosting

From as low as $9.88/year

Keep your email data private with email hosting on Namecheap’s secure Open-Xchange email cloud.

Managed WordPress Hosting

EasyWP from $8.88 per year

Build your next website in a snap. With EasyWP, install WordPress in seconds. Our managed WordPress platform provides state-of-the-art tools to build and maintain your website.


If you have joined Namecheap hosting I  guarantee you will successfully get your money back if you decide to cancel your purchase in the next 30 days. To receive future posts via email subscribe or join my telegram channel Web Masters002 . Like the page Ericworg in facebook and try Namecheap  here if you haven’t. Don’t forget to share your feedback. Thanks, hope it was helpful.


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