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Hey, are you looking for a web hosting company thats affordable and good at the same time? I’ll be helpful if you allow me. I will help you make an informed decision based on my reviews of various web hosting companies. Important to note, I only review companies I have tried their services. For that reason you can take my word for it. To begin with, Awardspace is a web hosting company based in Germany. Consequently their servers are also in Germany. I will break down all important aspects of interest in point form. Please feel free to skip to any specific point of interest.

You might want to subscribe not miss my next post about Namecheap.In this article I’ll review  awardspace  hosting service provider.

Awardspace uptime

From East Africa there uptime is approximately 96% from my own tests. However if you/target audience are in Europe the number improves to 100%. Its also worth noting, they don’t offer their services to some regions such as East Africa. Personally I advocate for 100% uptime. This means your website will be available 24 hours a day.

Security of Awardspace web hosting

Awardspace have set up firewalls to ensure your files are secure . Apparently this protects your website from hackers or malicious software over the Internet. Firewalls are secure and commonly used in banks to ensure secure online transactions. I’m not good in guessing but that should have cleared any doubts about safety of Awardspace. Equally important they have SSL certificates and support SEO tools. Who hates free stuff? See how to get a free ssl certificate.

Ease of Doing Business in Awardspace’s Dashboard

A custom widget dashboard is what you get when you host your website with Awardspace. Certainly this allows you to organize and re-design the outlook of your dashboard to suit your taste. It is as simple as a b c . You only have to drag and drop widgets where you wish based on your preference. This makes it simple to use the dashboard even as a first timer hosting. In your dashboard you find all tools you require such as file manger,email manager, website builder etc

Awardspace hosting support team rating

Their support team response time varies depending on whether you are under the free plan or a paid plan. Nevertheless its effectiveness is constant irrespective of the plan, even the free plan. For the free hosting service  they have one hour response time while on the paid plans a faster response rate. This decreases directly depending on the plan. The higher the plan the faster the response rate.  Their support team is helpful, friendly and solved all my queries in short time.

Awardspace Free Web Hosting for life

Good news, Awardspace have a free hosting plan. This entails 1GB disk space, 5GB traffic, 1 domain hosting (if you own a domain already), up to two free sub-domains for life and opportunity to create one database. Moreover PHP, Perl, Mysql, FTP and Instant activation all for free. The free plan is useful for students experimenting on web development, a newbie trying to examine their quality of service and anyone who wants to upload his/her website online at no cost. Also is a good chance for you to gauge their services and decide whether to upgrade to paid plans. See other paid plans below.

Zacky Website Builder in Awardspace

Website builders are tools that enable creation of websites without coding. See  more about web builders here. Awardspace provides Zacky Website builder to enable you easily design your website without any hassle despite being unskilled in coding. Awardspace also provides Zacky installer help you set up wordpress, joomla etc. Enjoy building a website just by dragging elements into locations you like by joining their free plan .Needless to say it is free.


Awardspace web hosting plans .


1GB disk space, 5GB traffic, 1 domains hosting(if you own any domain already), PHP, Perl, Mysql, FTP, Instant activation all for free .

Web Pro Plus at $ 54.3

Shared Hosting Plan:

Unlimited disk space, Unlimited traffic, 10 domains hosting, PHP, Perl, 10 Mysql, Unlimited FTP, Instant activation. With the order of this hosting plan you get 1 FREE domain com / net / org / biz / info / us  (transfer/registration) for LIFE!

They have 4 more plans and the deal can only get better. One thing for sure they are among the cheapest legit hosting service providers out there. Please read my review about Namecheap web hosting here to compare and take advantage.

Parting Shot

I hope this was helpful in a way. I make it my duty to taste the waters just so you won’t drown. In return I ask for your feedback in the comments , email , facebook , telegram or even sharing the post. Kindly subscribe to get my next post via email. I know I’m asking too much but I would appreciate if you liked my facebook page ericworg or joined my telegram channel webmasters001. Thanks in advance. Find more resourceful content in the archives.


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