Top freelance skills on demand 2018


Regular jobs have become a thing of the past with the current rise of freelance sites.This has been inspired by the convenience offered by Freelancing as opposed to regular jobs.Freelancing is taking over.The only appropriate thing to do is dive in or miss out big time.However, the field you choose determines your level of success.I shed some light on the currently  “hot cakes” in demand and well paying freelance skills.

Graphic  Design

Organizations are heavily investing in branding.They all want something that they they can be associated with. Its for this reason being a graphic designer turns out lucrative among freelance skills. The best part is the skill can also be learned online or  offline( with great books) .eg  Photoshop: Step-By-Step Tutorial For Beginners – Learn How To Start Using Photoshop And Creating Professional Looking Photos (Graphic Design, Adobe Photoshop, Digital Photography). One of the leading  platforms where you can learn Graphic Design Online is Udemy. Its a short course but pays back abundantly. To get Graphic Design jobs you can visit Fiverr, Upwork, Guru etc


Freelance  writers never run out of job. With the wide range of writing niches offering an opportunity for writers(from Academic writers to SEO and Article writers) and the massive increase in blogging activities.The need for content has shot up and keeps on rising higher. Freelance writing has proved more paying than many regular jobs. Its also competitive thus getting a job requires top notch bidding,quality samples and proficiency of English (or the language in quest for). You might wanna take a look at
Wired for Story: The Writer’s Guide to Using Brain Science to Hook Readers from the Very First Sentence .

A writers handbook you definitely need, to  go from amateur to pro writer.It helps a writer among other things understand the effect of psychology applied in writing to the reader. There are many platforms for getting writing jobs with upwork being the number one site.

Web Design

With online stores growing massively every business wants to take its services online. Thus web designers are very much sought after. Web Design basic skills can be learnt in under three months in various platforms online  eg Udemy .For jobs visit Fiverr, Upwork, Guru the list is long. Materials are always available to learn on your own, save money and equip you with the same skill. eg
Creating a Web Site: Design and Build Your First Site! (Dummies Junior). Also read programmers-starter-pack.


Developers are the highest paid per job with some making over 3000 US dollars per project. It also happens to be a rare skill and mentally involving. A Personal Computer here is not an option, you might want to choose the best here . Programming is broad with Developers classified with Programming languages they use. The top languages sought for by employers are java, php, js, python, c++. All this can be learned online or even offline you only need a good book and passion. For online learning all this are available in Udemy with many tutors waiting for you to enroll. If you are the part time guy who wants to learn coding offline then there are plenty of resources.
Java: A Beginner’s Guide, Sixth Edition
PhP: Learn PHP Programming Quick & Easy
Coding Projects in Python
C++: A Detailed Approach to Practical Coding (Step-By-Step C++) (Volume 2)

Android Development

With estimated over 70% of small devices running on Android being a publisher in play store is highly rewarding. Individuals and companies are in search for Android developers to create apps and publish them on play store and all this is not done for free. Actually you can bill hourly. But first you need the skills. Its not rocket science, there many free resources online and paid for online learning platforms with experienced developers for your aid. Books on Android are also available.
Android: App Development & Programming Guide: Learn In A Day!

Hope you did benefit from this article. My joy is to see you making money from your house. Opportunity favors the prepared.Acquire any of the above skills,  be your  own boss and pay your bills.  Feel free to add more skills in comments section and like the post please.


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