Earn Your Fist Bitcoin For Free


A browser is enough to earn your first Bitcoin. I compiled a list of some of the top faucets to earn Bitcoin for free. To start with, faucets are websites that earn from revenue in exchange for few satoshi’s. 100,000,000 satoshi make one bitcoin.Below is a list of top faucets(with their names being links to their sites)  that give you free satoshis at intervals daily. You’ll also find links to other faucets in their sites. However, it is useful you know that faucets won’t make you rich overnight, they only give free satoshis.


Allows you to claim free satoshi’s in hourly intervals.


First join CoinPot,  that’s where the earned satoshi from freebitco.in is kept in your account. In freebitco.in you are free to set your own time intervals to claim your free satoshi’s or simply claim your satoshi at the end of the day.


Bitfun pays to CoinPot. Bitfun Allows you to earn free satoshi’s at intervals of  3 minutes.


Its another faucet where you can earn free satoshi’s too check it out.

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  1. […] However, its important to know Bitcoin is a currency by itself and can be used to make purchases. Bitcoins are stored in virtual wallets. There are many types of wallets with mobile, web and Computer wallets being the basic. The wallet Id is crucial and losing it means losing everything in the wallet.Bitcoin is secure and with its source code kept opensource, utmost security is guaranteed. However,  the wallets are vulnerable. If you are to engage in Bitcoin then you must understand various types of wallets and their features. Some wallets offer anonymous account support allowing transactions to take place with the anonymous participants remaining unidentified. This was used in the recent wanna-crypt virus spell on Windows. With the hackers soliciting for money from victims through an anonymous Bitcoin wallet.See this also  Earn your first Bitcoin for free. […]

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