Various Types of Bitcoin Wallets


You must be aware that you need a wallet to transact in bitcoin.There are many types of wallets to choose from.All this depends on your preferred device for Bitcoin transactions or if you love web more.The  types of Bitcoin wallets are Desktop wallet,Mobile wallet,Web wallet and Hardware wallet.Those are just the types but the wallets.The types are provided by different third party companies.However the different wallet providers have different features to offer .

Desktop wallets

If you are interested in having a desktop wallet .Your PC must be running in one of this OS(Operating System):Windows,Linux or Mac.For Desktop wallet irrespective of the OS this are the providers you can choose from:Bitcoin Knots, Bitcoin Core ,Bither, Electrum,Green Address, ArcBit, mSIGNA and ARMORY.

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Blackberry Wallets

Note all this have their sites you can visits to know more about each and choose the most convenient for you.For one to own a mobile wallet he/she must be using Android, Blackberry,Iphone or Windows phone.For a Blackberry user there is only one wallet provider :Bitcoin Wallet.

Windows Phone Wallet

For a windows phone there is only one wallet provider too:’Coin.Space’.

Iphone Wallets

For an Iphone user you can have a mobile bitcoin wallet from any of this providers: ArcBit,Bread Wallet,Bither,Coin.Space,Green Address and AirBitz.

Android Wallets

For Android users you there are more wallet providers: ArcBit,Bread Wallet,Bither,Coin.Space,Green Address ,AirBitz,Simple Bitcoin,Bitcoin Wallet,Mycelium,Green Bits and Electrum.

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Web Bitcoin Wallets

Generally anyone can create a web bitcoin wallet but if your browser is up-to-date and compatible with the wallet, Google Chrome would do it.Here are web bitcoin wallet providers: coinapult,Coin.Space,Green Address and BitGo. Now you have a big list to choose from but what are the features to look for?The whole crypto-currency affair is virtual. If not careful you could as well lose everything in a flash of a second, so security has to come first.There a lot of security features that guarantee safety of your coins.2 factor is just one of them but if you have to choose a wallet you might as well need to know all their various security features .(All this are well explained by each provider in their sites)

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Transaction costs, over 70% of the bitcoin community are investors . As an investor every coin counts.Watch out for various wallets transaction fees.Again its worth noting losing your wallet id could lead to lose of funds.Create backup immediately you get a wallet or simply keep the id well though the later is risky.

Avoid scam wallets by getting in touch with their existing users and reading their reviews on Bitcoin platforms.If you have any question feel free to use the comment section,any point to add is much welcomed too and as usual if you find this useful hit like.

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