Kick out the Facebook hacker


Is Facebook secure enough? Well I don’t think so. For now lets kick out the hacker first. If at one time you’ve had someone else accessing your Facebook account you can tell how annoying this can be. The good news is you can log them out from your phone(or any device you use) easy. Follow the steps below to see if there is somebody else using your account now and log them out immediately. This is also applicable if you forgot to log out in other devices.

1.Log in your Facebook account

2.Go to menu

3.Choose Account Settings

4.Choose Security and Login

5.Find ‘Where you Logged in From’

6.Under ‘Where you Logged in From’ You’ll find all the locations you are logged in from eg Eldama Ravine, Kenya

The end result.

7.If there is more than one location it means somebody else has access to your account or you forgot to log out in another device(s). 

8.Fix: If more than one locations appear Choose from options below the section to log out all sessions. This will log out your account in any other device it is logged in from currently. In case somebody logs in again you can repeat the steps above and change your Facebooks password to curb a repeat. 

9.Confirm you’re logged in once by going to step 5.(location given maybe inaccurate if you’re in remote area, but your screen should look a lot like the image below step 6 The Where you Logged in From section.)

10.You kicked them out finally. If you have any question or anything to add put it in the comments section, else hit like if you found this helpful. 

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