How to know if you are not in their phone book.



Ever wondered why you don’t see a friend’s whatsapp profile picture? Well here is how to know whether they blocked you or you don’t exist in their phone-book.

Using your go to your contact list and click on the friend’s phone number(whoever you wanna know if they deleted your no) .

From options opt to edit the contact and choose an image from your gallery, add it to their contact then save.

Refresh your whatsapp contact list and check their display picture.

If the picture you added on their contact is the current profile picture then they have not saved your number and according to their whatsapp settings you can’t see their display picture unless they add you in their contacts.

Now you know,  if you are in their phone-book or not. But what if they blocked you?

Try creating a new whatsapp group and add the friend. If indeed they have blocked you you’ll get this warning ” you are not authorized to add this number” . If they are successfully added then you are not blocked. Thanks for stopping by,  kindly leave a comment or like or subscribe for email updates about new posts.

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